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Demystifying White Collar Crimes: Law & Beyond
  • Money Laundering : Decoding the Law & Measures of Prevention
  • IT & Fraud: Risk Management
  • Unraveling Financial Forensics - Fraud Detection, Investigation and Prevention
Demystifying Market Economy: Law & Beyond
  • A Primer on Capital Markets
  • A Primer on E-Commerce - Understanding the Fundamentals
  • Contract law - Caution and Contentions

(a) This is a limited period offer.

(b) The course duration is for a period of 6 months and within the same the user will have to complete the course.

(c) In case the course is not completed within 6 months, the course can be extended by paying 50% of the current course fees at that time.

(d) E-copy of the certificate is free along with the course.

(e) For physical copy of the certificate you need to make a payment of Rs.354 (including GST)