About The Workshop

Legal Design is an emerging area of work in the legal industry.

It is a must explore field for those, who are interested in studying the law in an interdisciplinary manner.

Legal Design is a creative process, where we combine legal expertise with a design thinking approach, and integrate visualisation, simple language, and smart use of technology. It requires an agile mind-set that approaches a legal issue/product/ requirement from a user perspective considering their needs and aspirations.

Legal design is a method that aims to make the law more accessible, engaging and useful for people for whom the laws are enacted. If you are running a blog, a legal start-up, interested in legal research or deal with legal content in any capacity, this workshop is for you. Understanding legal design will enable you to build legal services and products that appeal to your target audience better.

Legal Design can help rethink and reimagine legal content and marketing. Be it knowledge management in law firms, creating online course content for legal courses, drafting contracts and documents, legal publishing in blogs to think-tanks and more. Legal Design is here to revolutionize on how content is presented to legal and non-legal professionals and consumers through a juxtaposition of words and visuals, thereby making it easy to understand.

Why Legal Design:

  • Understand how Law and Design thinking intersect to bring more meaning, efficiency, and agility to your legal practice.
  • The legal industry, just like other industries, is changing. Gain futuristic skills that will be necessary for the lawyers of tomorrow working in new positions such as legal technologists, legal knowledge engineers, legal hybrid, and so on.
  • Introduction to hands-on frameworks to implement legal design and gain practical experience in solving legal problems with a creative perspective
  • Legal Design can help build more meaningful and useful legal products and services.
  • Legal Design helps communicate Law & Policy Information better through plain language and storytelling.
  • Innovative Legal Design Strategy increases content reach as well build better legal processes.

The Workshop will cover:

  • What are the key aspects of Legal Design?
  • How can Legal Design bring a new perspective to legal analysis.
  • What are the benefits of a design mind set for law?
  • Case studies of how has design thinking been applied in the legal sector.
  • Practical strategies to use legal design to make one’s approach to law, more user-centered and empathetic.
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