About The Workshop

Law is an integral aspect of every business. In the more recent years, the association is becoming inter woven and increasingly complex. Many business students join the workforce in the establishment and administration of a business without a thorough understanding of the law or the function of legal professionals.

Manupatra & LawSkills bring a 3 day Primer where you can learn from the experiences of the professionals in the respective field.

Practical knowledge leads to a deeper understanding of a concept. Learn from these Industry Experts with experience in India and Abroad in dealing with business matters from a legal perspective. All these 3 lectures combined provide you an all-encompassing view on how to deal with business transactions at all levels as a Lawyer.

Manupatra brings a 3-Day Primer Series for Students & Young Professionals where the objective is to provide a piece of detailed information about theoretical and practical aspects of how to deal with corporate transactions as a lawyer from a Multifaceted Perspective. The best experts will be sharing their knowledge of the inner workings of businesses, the complexities of the law, and the concepts like Arbitration, Contract Management in the corporate world.

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