To attend the Workshop you must pay the registration fee in advance.


Registration Fee : Rs. 2000/- all inclusive.


Cancellation : Registration fee is non - refundable.


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Terms & Conditions for the Free Lawskills Course:

  1. The course is for a duration of 6 months, you need to attempt all assignments and the certification exam within this time.
  2. You need to get above average grade in all the assignments in order to appear in the certification exam
  3. 50% are the minimum pass marks in the exam. In case you are unable to secure the minimum pass marks you can appear for re-exam by paying a fees of Rs.236/-
  4. e-copy of the certificate is free along with this course, however in case you want the physical copy of the certificate you need to make a payment of Rs.354/-
  5. In case of any query regarding the course you can reach out to us at
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