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4th Year, Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Law Skills provides a number of different legal courses that complement the subjects...
Pratishtha Majumdar
BA.LLB, JEMTEC School of Law, G. Noida

LawSkills is a new way of learning the concepts of law in both theoretical & practical...
Himangshu Kumar Ray
Advocate, High Court, Calcutta

I have completed course LEGAL ENGLISH: Essential for lawyers. "By this course, I have...
Ankita Gangadeb
4th Year, SOA National Institute of Law

The learning experience through this program was totally new and interactive. The three kinds...
Harsh Kapoor
2nd year, Campus Law Center, DU

I had taken other online law courses but the one provided by Law Skills is by far the most helpful...
Rachit Sharma
5th Year, DME College, IP University

I completed the course on adoption laws and found it to be very informative. The audios...
Aman Joshi
3rd year, CLC, Delhi University

After a weary month of semester exam and reading not so interesting regular books, I had this...
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