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Negotiation Skills: Establishing Better Terms


Negotiation is a game, and if you are skilled to play it well;
your chances of winning advances remarkably.

Arnav was offered a job with a leading software company. He was really happy since he had been jobless for some time now. The company HR made an offer to Arnav which did not impress him much. Arnav tried his best to negotiate, but unfortunately the company had already figured out that he was in terrible need of the job. They refused to negotiate further. Arnav had no option but to accept the offer.

Where do you think, did Arnav go wrong?

The mistake he made was that during the course of interviews and discussions, he made it very obvious to the interviewers that this job was the only option that he had and he could not afford to loose this one.

Negotiation is central to almost every business or professional activity and personal dealings too. Organized and systematic preparation along with the ability to cope with different, shared and conflicting interests – is critical to success.

This course is intended to provide learners with an understanding of the interpersonal skills, factors and processes that facilitate and add to the development of effective negotiation strategies, and resolution of issues in any diverse contexts and situations.

This course will help you understand both the analytical tools and interpersonal techniques required for dealing effectively (negotiating) with different bargaining styles and tactics.



After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend negotiation dynamics and how to equip yourself for uncertainty;
  • Understand basic negotiating concepts;
  • Resolve small differences before they escalate;
  • Use the negotiation process to resolve day to day problems;
  • Apply strategies for identifying mutual gain;
  • Secure utmost value for yourself and organization; and
  • Reflect on personal tendency and improve your approach to be more effective.


  • Module 1 – Introduction to Negotiation
  • Module 2 – Comparison of Diverse Values in Negotiations
  • Module 3 – Types of Negotiations
  • Module 4 – Stages and Steps in Negotiation
  • Module 5 – Drafting of Negotiation Agreement
  • Certification Exam/ Assessment



Honors Badge


It is a general course which would be of immense value to persons who fall in the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Managers/Business Managers;
  • Professionals, in any field;
  • Corporate Professionals;
  • Students/Law students.

Level: Beginners

Language: English

Duration: 6 Months


Progress will be tested by way of quizzes and assignments at the end of each Module. Learners must attempt the exam at the end of the course and secure at least 50% marks to obtain course certificate.

About the Author

Authored by Aishvary Vikram & Peer Review by Deepali Kharbanda. Aishvary graduated from School of Law, KIIT University. He has been associated with Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co. He has wide-ranging experience in the matters related to General Litigation and Information Technology.
Deepali, is an alumnus of Faculty of Law, Delhi University. She brings on board 10 years of extensive experience and specializes in the field of law and technology, commercial laws and policy.

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