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Question : Can anyone file a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) against anyone ?
rkhanna, 21/Sep/2017 03:54:31 AM

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Adding to it, Public interest litigation can be filed only in that case where any “public interest” is affecting at large. Because if only one person is affecting then that is not a ground for filing PIL.So these are the essential point for that person who can file any public interest litigation.-> He is a member of the public acting bona fide and having sufficient interest in instituting an action for redressal of public wrong or public injury.-> He is not a mere busy body or a meddlesome inter
  • 8/2/2018 8:40:07 AM
  • by navonita
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A PIL can be filed only against a state/Central Government, Municipal authorities and not against a private party. However, a private party can be included as a respondent, after making concerned state authority a party.
  • 7/18/2018 7:07:01 AM
  • by Ankur

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