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why to choose Lawskills for online courses in the field of law? why not other online courses in market? Is it lawskill somewhere different from others?
sonaljaiswal, 03/Aug/2018 03:40:31 AM

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Lawskills is an e-learning platform that excels in providing legal education. Some of the unique features of Lawskills are-•Lawskills provide 125 courses in the field of law (English Regional languages).•It not only offer courses in English, but also extends to major regional languages in India.•Free courses are also available in Lawskills.•The courses and modules are designed by renowned practitioners in the field of law.•Different specializations are available to choose from the courses.•Modules are interactive and practical.•Enhancing practical and professional knowledge is the aim of Lawskills.•Assignments are reviewed at regular time intervals.•Discussion panel for any type of query is available for all.•Faculty is present to help.•Modules are in form of texts, audios, videos, and quizzes, which indeed in a unique feature.•Few extra features like note making is also present in Lawskills.•A proper certification exam is to be passed before obtaining the certification. So yes, Lawskills is different from other available courses.
  • 8/3/2018 11:38:03 AM
  • by VARUN

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