Should Adultery be Criminalized?

Adultery is a common word in today’s era. Almost every individual is aware of a general description of the term. Adultery in common parlance means extramarital sex. Section 497 of the Read more

By: Anitha Ravisanker | 16 Jan 2018

Must Watch Movies for Law Students

Law has always been an intriguing profession. Films, television and literature have glamorized this profession for years with a climax ending in a dramatic court case. Often, we find the protagonis... Read more

By: Team Lawskills | 19 Sep 2017

LawSkills - Bridging the Gap between Legal Education and Professional Practice

It is true that even after gaining a law degree from colleges and schools, students aren’t really equipped enough to step into the legal world with confidence.

To answer every young... Read more

By: Team LawSkills | 29 Jun 2017

The Immolation of a Barren Hope - Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016

A whole new industry has cropped up in the field of Medical Science with the advent of Surrogacy. And with every medical procedure, crops up a whole new area of misuse and the need for regulation.<... Read more

By: Rohan Wadhwa | 26 Jun 2017

Is Euthanasia Legal in India?

The Constitution of India under Article 21 guarantees the right to every individual to live with dignity. This is as a Fundamental Right bestowed upon every Indian by the Constitution of India.

... Read more
By: Jahnavi Laungani | 26 Jun 2017

The Right to Education

Education is and should be a basic right for every individual. It is a tool that can help develop and hone an individual's personality and mind. Without education a society can easily perish, fall... Read more
By: Jahnavi Laungani | 26 Jun 2017

Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression Versus Incitment of Public as an Offence

Democracy is the essence of a system of government where the will of the people is supreme. It naturally follows that in a democracy, the freedom of speech and expression is a basic right that is g... Read more

By: Jahnavi Laungani | 21 Jun 2017

Right To Life- Scope in India

The Constitution of India is the highest law of the land. It is the framework within which all other laws are set. In India, the Constitution defines with certainty the political principles, procedure... Read more
By: Jahnavi Laungani | 21 Jun 2017

Live-in Relationships in the Eyes of Law

Live in relationships invite a lot of attention from society. When it comes to personal life choices there are always moral judgments that follow. But, the fact is that in a democratic set up there... Read more

By: Jahnavi Laungani | 07 Jun 2017

Right to Assume Everyone Knows your Rights

"We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others

- Will Rogers

The above statement is rightly pointed out by one of... Read more

By: LawSkills | 07 Jun 2017

Right to Natural Justice

It is impossible to define right to natural justice due to its inexplicable and voluminous nature. It is amorphous in nature having various forms and shades. According to Smith, the term 'natural ... Read more
By: Ms. Shalbha Singh | 07 Jun 2017