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Law for Managers


Managers and professionals in business make decisions of a legal nature every day, yet do not always understand or have access to current knowledge in Business Law. They are constantly required to enter into formal and informal agreements and transactions in a wide range of business situations, with legal implications, such as fines and penalties, for both their organization and themselves. Indeed, there is an increasing trend in the law to make managers personally liable for breaches of the law by their organization.

To lead responsibly then, modern managers must not only be aware of the importance of minimizing legal risk, but make it a normal and high-priority part of their approach to their duties. This program will help you do it.

On completing this course you will be better placed to identify potential legal problems and have an awareness of the actions needed to minimize both personal and organizations legal risk. You will benefit by being able to identify the legal duties that apply to you as a manager and the legal liabilities your actions could invoke.



After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic structure of legal system
  • Explain various kinds of laws pertinent to your work profile
  • Understand the concept of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association and how to work within their framework
  • Understand the remedies available in the event of a contractual dispute
  • Understand how to forge employer-employee relationship within the ambit of law
  • Comprehend the basic structure of business organization
  • Discuss how to protect rights in three regards – employer, employee and organization
  • Follow various compliances, regulations and procedural formalities with regard to IPR, Employment Laws, Contract Laws, Tax laws


  • Module 1 – Introduction to the Legal System
  • Module 2 – Resolving Disputes: Litigation or ADR
  • Module 3 – Introduction to Contract Management – Business Contracts
  • Module 4 – Contracts for Company Formation
  • Module 5 – Management of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Module 6 – Taxation of Companies
  • Module 7 – Employment and Labour Laws
  • Module 8 – Miscellaneous Laws
  • Module 9 – Appendix
  • Certification Exam/ Assessment



Honors Badge


  • Managers, in any professional field
  • HR professionals
  • Law enforcement personnel – customs officials, police officials, etc.
  • Patent agents
  • Intellectual Property Offices in Government Sector
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Software Professionals
  • Company Executives
  • Economists
  • Journalists
  • Government Officials
  • Lawyers
  • Students

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Language: English

Duration: 6 Months


Learners must attempt the exam at the end of the course and secure at least 50% marks to obtain the course certificate.

About the Author

Gargi Bhatt is legal consultant with Manupatra. She has worked as an Associate with Bhullar Law Firm & DMD Advocates (Formerly known as Dutt Menon & Dunmorrsett). She has done B.A.LLB (Hons.) from Jaipur National University.

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