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Handbook on ESG


In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the spotlight on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues has grown exponentially, influencing companies of all sizes. ESG considerations have transcended mere trends, becoming pivotal factors that can define the success and reputation of businesses. Investors, employees, customers, governmental bodies, and various stakeholders now closely monitor corporate ESG policies and practices, recognizing their impact on our environment, communities, and society at large.

As businesses navigate the complexities of the modern world, embracing ESG values is not just a path towards growth; it's a commitment to societal well-being. "Handbook on ESG" equips you with the knowledge to embark on this journey responsibly, fostering a future where businesses thrive symbiotically with their surroundings.



The intended takeaways of this handbook are:

  • Introduction to the concept and significance of ESG
  • Integration of ESG with business practices
  • Basics of reporting and disclosures
  • Case Studies


  • Introduction to ESG
  • Environmental Aspect of ESG
  • Social Aspect of ESG
  • Governance Aspect of ESG
  • ESG vs. CSR
  • Tracing the Development of ESG
  • ESG Reporting Standards in India
  • Integration of ESG with Business Practices
  • ESG Reports
  • Case Studies
  • ESG in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • ESG in Automotive Industry
  • ESG in Media & Entertainment Industry
  • ESG in Telecommunication Industry
  • ESG in Electronics Industry
  • ESG in the Transport and Logistics Industry

Who should take this handbook

  • CSR professionals
  • Media professionals covering business and environment-related news.
  • Analysts to understand how a company manages risks and opportunities
  • HR Professionals
  • Finance and investor relations teams, playing a role in handling ESG reporting and disclosures
  • Chief Sustainability Officers
  • Legal & Compliance Professionals
  • Business Heads
  • Supply Chain Management Teams
  • Operations Department
  • Marketing and Communications Teams
  • Anyone who’s interested in the field

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