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Bail as a Tool for Speedy Justice


Bail serves as the first instance of relief that can be granted to an accused or arrested person. It is the foremost question that comes up for consideration before a Court. Thus, lawyers need to be highly effective in obtaining bail for their clients. The aim is to avoid any more time in jail than is absolutely necessary. Lawyers need to be so well equipped with the finer nuances of bail procedure, conditions, considerations and practical applications that the second question to be addressed by the Court should invariably be the amount of bail to be set for the release of their clients.

However, this is not an easy task. There are as many types of bail in our system as there are natures of offences. The guidelines governing them also differ based on the facts and circumstances of each case. This course aims at bypassing the system of trial and error and the need for years of experience to be a skilled defence lawyer. It highlights practical problems in the application of the law on Bail and provides solutions by way of case studies. It is structured to enable the course taker to effectively use bail as a tool to obtain speedy relief for a client and, consequently, further his career as a criminal defence attorney by leaps and bounds.



After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how the criminal prosecution mechanism begins and the procedures involved in it.
  • Identify the usability of Bail and the type of bail to be obtained depending upon the facts and circumstances of the cases brought before you.
  • Prepare bail applications to be presented before adjudicating authorities depending upon the nature and stage of proceedings.
  • Effectively use Bail to assist in the larger goal of getting your client acquitted.


  • Module 1 – Introduction to Bail – A Tool for Speedy Relief
  • Module 2 – Bail and Its Types
  • Module 3 – Grant and Rejection of Bail by the Adjudicating Authority
  • Module 4 – Law and Procedure Governing Bail
  • Certification Exam/ Assessment



Honors Badge


  • Criminal Defence Lawyers
  • Legal advisors and Counsel
  • Law students and scholars
  • Research students
  • Common people interested in learning about the criminal justice delivery system

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Language: English

Duration: 6 Months


Learners must submit all assignments and secure at least 50% marks in Certification Exam at the end of the course to obtain the course certificate.

About the Author

Mishal Naqshbandi holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Kashmir and has done her Masters from SOA University. She is currently working as a Research Scholar at Faculty Of Law, Aligarh Muslim University. With over two years of experience in teaching law as a Lecturer in Sopore Law College, she is well versed In Corporate Laws, Company Laws, Constitution, Cyber Laws, Labour Laws and is skilled in the field of legal compliances. Her stint as a Legal Manager at Kashmir Box has also given her considerable insight into the corporate sector.

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