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Divorce by Mutual Consent: A Step by Step Guide


A divorce is an emotionally draining process, involving issues beyond the relationship between spouses; and it gets increasingly complex when Courts get involved. Even in cases where couples want divorce with mutual consent, the process becomes time-consuming and daunting, owing to various factors. Young lawyers who aspire to work in the field must know the methods of mediation to make the whole process smooth for their clients.

This course provides the step-by-step procedure involved in obtaining a divorce by mutual consent. It further substantiates mediation as a beneficial and objective mechanism that can be implemented to obtain a divorce. Lawyers, legal counsel and common people will benefit from the course as it provides a strong foundation along with compelling case studies, such that they are able to advice or apply your knowledge when required.

Course Outcome


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the background and concept of a 'marriage' and 'divorce', and define the terms under it
  • Discuss various family laws and conditions that need to be fulfilled to file for a divorce by mutual consent
  • Facilitate the mediation mechanism as an effective method to resolve disputes

Course Outline

  • Module 1 – Concept of Marriage and Divorce
  • Module 2 – Divorce by Mutual Consent
  • Module 3 – Essentials of Divorce by Mutual Consent
  • Module 4 – Jurisdiction and Procedure
  • Module 5 – Appeal
  • Module 6 – Ancillary Proceedings
  • Module 7 – Mediation in Divorce Proceedings
  • Module 8 – Case Studies
  • Certification Exam/ Assessment



Honors Badge

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Lawyers, Legal Advisors and Counsel
  • Law Students
  • Couples seeking mutual consent divorce
  • Other stakeholders interested in familiarising themselves with divorce laws in India.

Level: Beginner

Language: English

Duration: 6 Months

Evaluation Method

Learners must submit all assignments and secure at least 50% marks in Certification Exam at the end of the course to obtain the course certificate.

About the Author

Premalatha S. is an Advocate and a Legal Consultant with over 13 years of vivid experience. She has done substantial practice in various agencies of law and justice including The High Court of Karnataka, Trial Courts, Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, Consumer Forums, Debt Recovery Tribunal, the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal, Labour Court and Quasi-judicial authorities and Alternate Dispute Mechanisms. Currently, she is heading a consultancy firm providing legal services with professional advice to a wide range of clients comprising individuals and companies in the arena of consumer protection, property transactions, family matters, alternate dispute mechanisms, banking and insurance, legal compliances and so on.

Video Lectures by Advocate Avani Bansal, Supreme Court of India

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