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Decoding Motor Vehicle Laws – Offences, Accident Claims, Insurance


Motor Vehicles Act is comprehensive welfare legislation with the purpose of enhancing road safety. However, there is widespread ignorance of rules and laws regarding use of motor vehicles. With the result, incidents like over-speeding, drunken driving, use of smartphones while driving, non-adherence to traffic rules, overtaking in wrong manner and jumping the red light lead to road accidents, which give rise to the instances of claims and counter-claims. Common people in general and many young lawyers, in particular, struggle to understand the applicability of laws related to motor vehicles and the claim process in its right perspective.

This course makes the learner aware about the importance and objectives of Motor Vehicles Act. It provides the step by step procedure for filing an Application for Compensation under the Act, while answering questions like - who can claim compensation, where should one file a claim in case of motor accidents, what to do after an accident has taken place, etc. Additionally, the course discusses the role of various authorities, types of offences, assessment of compensation and steps involved in the same. It helps professionals, lawyers and common people to get an insight of the Act and its features along with the various relevant case laws.



After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic formulation of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988;
  • Comprehend the procedure for filling an application for compensation in Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal;
  • Compute the amount of compensation that can be granted in various cases
  • Understand the role of various authorities involved in the entire process
  • Analyze relevant case laws to understand the applicability of the law.


  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Motoring Offences
  • Module 3 – Compensation Claims in Motor Accidents
  • Module 4 – Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal
  • Module 5 – Appendix
  • Certification Exam/ Assessment



Honors Badge


  • Students from all disciplines;
  • Individuals involved in Insurance industry;
  • Any victim, dependent, relative or acquaintance of a victim of motor accident;
  • Lawyers and aspiring lawyers;
  • Government bodies and authorities;
  • Police officials and traffic police officials; and
  • Any individual who wants to stay abreast with the accidental claim laws.

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Language : English

Duration: 6 Months


Learners must submit all assignments and secure at least 50% marks in Certification Exam at the end of the course to obtain the course certificate.

About the Author

Gaurav Dubey, Partner, Dubey and Associates, has more than a decade of Courtroom action to his name. He holds special affinity for cross examinations in Delhi and Punjab High Courts. Along with a decade of Courtroom action to his name and his new found love for reading beyond case files, he has earned a reputation for irreverence, courage and professionalism. He lives with his family in New Delhi and is co-founder of the law firm Dubey and Associates.

Video Lectures by Advocate Avani Bansal, Supreme Court of India

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