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Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition


A moot court simulates a court hearing wherein the participants analyze the problem, identify the relevant law, draft pleadings, and present oral argument. Simply put, it is a replicated oral argument, just alike a hearing before a court. The lawyer presents an argument and answers questions posed by the panel of judges within a specified time.

To facilitate and better equip you to prepare your written arguments – we have made available a sample of memorials from the teams who won Best Memorial prizes in prestigious moot court competitions. Furthermore, the moot problems will give you an insight into the kind of legal questions as well as the difficulty level of the issues involved.

The skills that one should imbibe are the same as that you need in the Court:

  • marshalling of facts (from the Moot Problem);
  • identifying the issues and law along with the legal principles involved;
  • research into the authorities;
  • drafting pleadings; and
  • formulating the points of law.

It is all about precisely and accurately setting out the arguments along with tackling the questions that the judges throw at you.

The Moot Problems and Memorials include moot problems from previous years and the winning research memorials – that are most organized and precise.

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